Vodní filtr pro chladničky Whirlpool USC100, WPR3171

Katalogové číslo: WPR3171
749,00 Kč
587,00 Kč 485,12 Kč bez DPH
Značka: Whirlpool
Dostupnost: Skladem
Filter replacement cartridge USC100 for better tasting water and ice. Does not modify the original quality of the water. Reduces clorine, odeurs, sedimant, dirt and rust. Thanks to its Kemflo quick fittings and connectors, it is eaty to install. Original code: 4812.817.18629 Adaptable for: Samsung, LG, Bosch, G.E. and Liebherr
• Capacity: 5500 litres • Duration: max 6 months of continuous use • Operation temperature: Min 0.6°C / Max. 37.8°C • Working pressure: max. 0,60 MPa (6.0 bar) • Flow rate: 2.8 lpm (0.74 gpm)
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